An Adoption Post

Today was my little class “holiday social”. In true preschool style, the room mom had everyone over for crafts and cookies after school today. It was really a delightful time for kids and moms (and 2 dads!).

As the kids played in the basement, the moms talked around the table. Moms and 1 grandma–1 grandma on duty b/c mom and dad are in China going through the adoption process. Once international adoption came up, then the mom next to me piped up and talked about the fact that the two oldest of her three kids are internationally adopted. Just amazing that in such a small group (9 families), there were so many connections to adoption. It just makes me feel that M will not be alone when the time comes for her to start at Montessori.

Also on the adoption front, in browsing Target yesterday, I noticed an end cap with several adoption related-items, all with the theme “I am chosen”. A little more internationally themed, but still nice to see any sort of adoption items at major retailers, IMO.

Thirdly on the adoption front, I spoke with J and G Saturday. We haven’t been able to set up a date for a Christmas visit yet, but we were able to speak for a few minutes. J was sorry to hear that M is slated for tubes on the 21st–she herself had 3 sets of tubes as a kid! I myself am glad to know that that sort of thing. And since we’ve had several rough nights in a row, I’m thinking tubes will be a VERY. GOOD. THING.

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  1. Tubes are going to be a great thing for everyone! If there is anything I can do, please let me know!

    That is just amazing that so many people have experience with adoption!

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