Why am I posting now?? Alternate Title: Our first Call to Poison Control

First, let me say, don’t be alarmed, everyone’s fine. But today is not the day I thought it would be. For starters, this morning, before the bleeping sun was even up, I found M playing with a bottle of hand sanitizer. So I called the Poison Control Center, turns out that she could get drunk (the alcohol) but other than that, she should be OK. Phew.

I got a call from her teacher at 11:30 because she’s been under the weather all day, with dry diapers, no appetite and no interest in any activities. NOT NORMAL. Her temp is 99.9. So I left work early (screwing someone’s afternoon plans, but I really had no choice), and went to pick her up. There she is, lying on her cot, *waiting* for nap time. NOT RIGHT!

So she’s now at home napping. I called the doc again, and he said that as long as it stays at 99.9 or lower, and as long as she’s drinking some, they’ll go ahead with surgery tomorrow, which should make a world of difference.

So tomorrow, I hope, she will begin to recover and feel like herself again…just in time for Christmas madness. The madness? Is maddening. I’m almost done shopping, almost done wrapping. Then it will be time to start enjoying, right???

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  1. You mean we get to enjoy Christmas at some point?!?! THANK GOODNESS!

    I hope everything goes so smoothly tomorrow, my prayers will definitely be with you guys. I can’t believe you had to call Poison Control–how scary!

    See you this weekend! Good luck getting through the madness.

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