The Fit has hit the Shan. Since people get busted for blogging about work all the bloodly time, I don’t want to incriminate myself too much. Let’s just say that I’ve been coming up with all of the songs that have the word “C*R*A*Z*Y*” in the title, and singing them to myself, and seeing if they apply with the co-worker with whom I spend the most time. HA! After a series of unfortunate events, I had no choice but to report to the personnel committee and say,”yes, your inklings were right–she’s whacked”.

1) She tried to retract something she wrote for the newsletter…when I went to fix it for her, turns out she didn’t write what she said she did.

2) She asked me THREE times in 45minutes what time a fire drill was occurring. She kept asking. I kept telling her the.same.damn.thing.

3) She’s moved things around so much that three year old blurted out, “why do you keep moving that?!?!”

4) I caught her smelling her armpits today.

5) (no, I’m not done) She started a presentation….and got lost. Really lost. So she had me take over. So I did. Then the acting head-of-school walked in. So busted. (she’s the lead, I’m not, she’s supposed to present, I’m not)

6) She scheduled not one, but TWO parent-teacher conferences during the work cycle. And forgot about them. So when I told her that her conference had arrived, she looked at me like I was crazy. Not quite.

Sooooo I had to call today. And things will be done. Soon. Or so they say.

Other Things

M has another ear infection and a snotty nose. But she’s eating like a horse and is in a great mood and hasn’t had a fever to speak of. We went to the doc Tuesday for her 15 month appt. and she’s grown 2 inches and gained 4 lbs in three months!! The ear infection thing has me thinking we really need to try switching her to soy for awhile, so we started yesterday. We’ll see if it helps in her mucus procudtion. I can’t bring in soy milk to daycare until I have a doc’s note, so when we go back for her re-check on her ears (and shots if she’s clear) I’ll discuss that. Anything I can do to minimize the ear infections (besides, obviously, taking her out of daycare), I will do. Yes, the obvious is that she is getting sick because she’s around other kids and while they are well cared for, they spread germs. It happens. Most days I’m over it. Some days I’m not.

What else? I’m going in on Monday to have a “select nerve block injection” to hopefully quell the pain I’ve been in for two months. The relief should be almost instant. I cannot wait. I was so bummed when I found out the appt. was over a week away when I called last week. But so it goes. I hope to report back in a MUCH better mood next week, for a variety of reasons.

2 Replies to “The Fit has hit the Shan.”

  1. Your entry title is awesome! Very clever. I can’t believe you work with a CURAZEEEEE PERSON. That sucks! I hope everything works out…quickly!

    I’m sorry M is sick again. 🙁 Poor girl, I’m glad she is in good spirits!

    I’m so happy that your appointment is on Monday! If I’m this excited, I can’t imagine how excited you must be!! LOL! Have a great weekend! Your last weekend in pain. Can you celebrate that with a margarita!?

  2. OH MY WORD. I MUST try to call you this weekend. Unbelievable!!!! Not that I can say it’s a surprise that this work thing has escalated to this point.. Hmmmmm. The past two years have been worthy of a TV sitcom about your job, you know?

    This next injection BETTER work. I think maybe that’s the kind that T. had, since his was immediate relief. It sounds as if one of my sisters has also just had a similar injection to your first one. Will have to see who her doctor is – I’ll laugh if it’s the same one!

    I am interested in finding out about the soy to aid with the infections! And why must you have a dr’s note to bring it to daycare? odd….

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