Halloween Fun

Our Second Halloween as a Family of Three

We had a fun and festive Halloween here……first, on Sunday, we went to the pumpkin patch with J, G, and Z. We had a grand time, Baby Girl got to go on her first hayride and pick out a pumpkin, see farm animals, walk a muddy corn maze, etc. The weather was perfect, and we had a great time. Of course, we couldn’t believe how big Z is getting, and they were amazed with all M can say and do!!!

Our next visit will be around Christmastime. Lately we’ve been doing emails say, about 2x per month, and then just calling each other the week before the visit to firm up details and so forth. It seems to be working for all involved, and you can’t ask for much more than that. Thankfully, M loves everyone she meets, so she warms up to them quickly each time. We also have photos that we look at, so the faces can continue to be familiar.

(minor detour from halloween details) She’s enthralled with pictures right now–she looks at her little albums all the time, as well as photos in frames around the house and on the fridge. She points and I name everyone, and she’s getting to know the people in the pics. I try to keep the pics of the cousins current (they are all under 5), because just like her, they keep growing and growing!

Tuesday M’s daycare had a little “party” for the kiddos, which was hysterical. They all dressed up, had a little parade and then had a bigger than usual group snack in the large-motor room, complete with Halloween paper products and such. Completely unessecary, but fun. The most exciting thing?? M wore her boots the whole time!!

Later that evening, we went down to the Governor’s Mansion and got a treat bag from the man himself. Say what you will about his politics, he was a darn nice pirate and was very sweet to M!

You can see M in all her cowgirl glory here.

Better click soon though–L’s other photoblog got cancelled by TextAmerica. Apparently, you can only have 50 pics on a “free” account. Soon, he and his pics shall be moving to flickr. I’ll update links as needed. Also, please don’t mind that M’s jeans are undone in some of the pumpkin patch photos—sadly, she’s out grown her Old Navy Flair jeans. Apparently they run small even for kiddos. I didn’t realize that everytime she sat down she popped the snap until we were already at the Pumpkin Patch, and of course, it was impossible to keep up with her and her runaway jeans!

What Else is Happening?

Not too much that is really blog worthy, I don’t think. Our laundry is spontaneously generating. I didn’t do much during the week last week, so that this weekend, I think I did six full loads. And guess what? By TUESDAY it was full again. How does that happen? And, seriously, how do large families cope? Short of installing a second washer/dryer, what, exactly, do you do??

Our time change here was non-eventful, thankfully, M was relatively unphased. We are keeping her up a little later so that she continues to sleep long enough in the morning to allow me to get ready for work before she wakes up. It seems to be working. And we are loving driving to daycare and work in the sunlight for a few more weeks.

There was lots of good reading in the snail-mail today…Pottery Barn Kids, BabyTalk and Parenting all came today. Of course, I haven’t read much of any of them, because I was too busy reading Hop On Pop. Or, more accurately, reciting it verbatum as M turned the pages, pointed at assorted things and made the sound effects she’s deemed appropriate for each page. We will have to video and post our dramatic reading on YouTube sometime soon.

I am counting down the days to Thanksgiving….I could really use a looooonnngg weekend right about now!

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  1. What do large families do? Laundry, laundry and more laundry! Seriously-we always have a load of something in the washer and dryer. It’s an ongoing thing-, wash laundry, toss it in the dryer, hang clothes, start another load. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  2. What a beautiful cowgirl! What fun!

    Anna was VERY happy to receive her copy of Pottery Barn Kids. She studies it for days!

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