The Bliss that is Target, amongst other things

Yesterday baby girl and I went shopping at Target for her Christmas dress and shoes, and the fixings for rice krispie treats. We browsed for a bit, found a very cute black velvet dress for her with a red bow (making it sort of an empire waist) and holly berries all over it. We also found her first pair of black patent leather shoes. Oh the joy.

After Target, we went to a Toddler Story hour at one of the branches of our local library–it was a bit of a drive, but totally worth it. We heard stories, sang, danced, did finger plays and played with toys. And we signed up for Indy Reads, got a tote bag and free book…and (are you sitting down?)…M got her first library card. My inner-bookworm left the library feeling satisfied. The rest of me was worn out-while I was filling out the paper work for all of these treats, M discovered how to open the drop box for old glasses, crawled all over the reference dept and almost walked out the front door.

What a morning.

After my last entry about work, I have to admit that I was a little hesitant to go in on Friday. But Sybil had left the building and my co-worker was calm cool and collected. Although she did ask if I’d recieved her email, which I hadn’t, and she started wondering aloud who she may have sent it to instead of me….Anyway, I’ll only be there a short time Monday before I leave for my drs appt, and heck, T-day is only a week away. Surely I’ll make it, right?

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