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Every so often, things come crashing down around me. I think this is one of those times. M is sick….AGAIN. She had the fever Tuesday and part of Wednesday. Perked up Wednesday afternoon, and went back to daycare yesterday. Yesterday afternoon she started coughing. Coughing so hard that she threw up. Coughing so hard that she’s gagging. It was so sad, and slightly scary. It’s not the croup cough, it’s not very productive, it’s not accompanied by any other severe symptoms. It’s just there. So, of course, we are home again today. And I have to make the dreaded “I’m not coming into work again” calls, which I am too familiar with. And this time, the teacher with whom I am currently working brings up the fact that M is in daycare and that is why she is getting sick. DUH. And maybe I need to make other arrangements for her. In my head I’m thinking, “because there are SO many other great affordable options out there! NOT!” Just the conversation I want to have at 7am after being awake from 3-5am with the coughing child.

I called the Dr. this morning, and at this point, he doesn’t want to see her. He gave me the usual litany of cool mist humidifier, cough syrup DM, lots of fluid, blah blah blah. Great. Thanks. And of course it’s Friday, which means if she gets worse over the weekend, we’ll be back in the ER or a Med Check place, spending 4x the amount of an office visit. Not that that will stop us from taking her, but seriously, why must it be the weekend. At least I won’t have to call in sick the next two days. 🙂

And maybe all of that wouldn’t have gotten me down if in fact, I felt better myself. But that crazy epidural pain shot I had Tuesday? Not working. Now I did like the doc a lot, and he said it would take a few days, and he said to call next week if it isn’t any better….but that doesn’t change the fact that today it isn’t any better. So I continue to limp, tend to my sickie and wallow at the current state of our affairs! It’s my blog, so I can wallow all I want.

On to other things I’ve been thinking about:
1) The poor little boy who was kidnapped by his mom after she and her boyfriend killed the social worker who brought him to visit. Does it get any sadder than that? It makes my current problems seem like a hill of beans. I do realize this.

2) If Barack Obama decides to run for President, I think I may vote for him.

3) The holidays are coming up, and it will be so much fun! Assuming we are all on the mend by then–Halloween, T-day, and Christmas promise to be a blast this year with M and all of her cousins. The special clothes, the traditions, the excitement, the food, the visiting, the decorating….it will be a bit much, but so much fun! Maybe I’ll start some online shopping to get myself in the Holiday spirit.

4)Hop on Pop by Dr. Suess–could there be a book with less of a point?? It’s currently M’s favorite, and OMG,it’s making me batty!! Her favorite page is PAT CAT Pat sat on cat. And she points to the cat and shrieks. It’s funny, but seriously, we are reading this book 10 times a day. I think it may have to go back to the library soon!!

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  1. One question – is your nice co-worker a mom? Nice of her to recognize that you might need some sympathy and support rather than a bashing today. Just stomp me down while I’m on the ground already, why don’t you… Geez…

    Poor Monkey! We hate to keep hearing these things. Where’s the magic vitamin to keep all the germies away??? I hope this is the end of it! I wish you a full work week next week!

    ANd I can’t believe the shot hasn’t worked yet. That’s horrible. I am so sorry. I wish I knew what to do from here for you!!!!

  2. 🙁
    I am SO sorry that you guys aren’t feeling so well right now. That just sucks. You are all in my prayers that you will be quickly on the mend!

    We are SO excited about the holidays, too. Just yesterday I was telling Anna about Thanksgiving and about the food and ALL of the family and she was so excited, as she should be. (not about the food, of course, she even made a face when I said pumpkin pie!)
    Big hugs to you!
    I hope you don’t have to visit ANY medical facilities over the weekend !

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