done belly aching

Ok, I’m over it. Or at least most of it.

My wallowing was interrupted by the world’s sweetest girl and how smart she really is. Last night she was getting ready for bed, laying on her pillow, holding her blanket. We’d read “Good Night Moon” and said prayers. I was patting her back, and said, “M, are you ready for your music?” At that she sat up, smiled, opened her mouth and started bouncing and shaking her shoulders!!!!! I didn’t mean THAT kind of music!!!! I totally lost it–fits of hysterical laughter, which then just made her dance more. Seriously, one of the funniest damn things I have EVER seen.

So bed time was delayed, because I had to call Daddy upstairs, and we had to have a little dance party. Then she found Hop on Pop (she call the book Pop!), and we had to go entirely though that book. And we realized she knows which book is which–she can pick out about 5 books by name. And she can find almost anything we ask her to point to in the pictures. When we calmed down again, and put on sleepy-time music, I think she fell asleep about 5 seconds after her head hit the pillow.

She never ceases to amaze me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

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