Mother of the Year

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last post. Things have been just nuts….and this morning, the icing on the proverbial cake.

I always wondered how parents could bring a sick child to school. How they could say, “She’s a little off this morning–if she’s really not feeling well, call me.” This morning, though, I did just that.

It was a dark, damp, drizzling morning, one where I had to wake M up to get going. She felt a little warm, and was a little more needy than usual, but I chalked it all up to the dismal weather. I did take her temp, and it was 98.2. I dropped her off, saying just what countless parents have said to me–I think she’s Ok, if she’s not, please call.

In the 25 minutes that passed between the time I took her temp and the day care took her temp, it had shot up 3 degrees!! They actually called work BEFORE I got there…I went in the front door, got the message, and turned around and went back to pick her up.

She appears to have no other symptoms–she’s warm (even with Motrin), and cuddly, but not unhappy. It really is a good day to lounge around.

Sort of like last Friday, but different, in that her 1 symptom today doesn’t REEK. Reek, you ask?? Friday night M and I bummed a ride with friends 1/2 way to my parents house for the weekend. We weren’t even on the highway when M started vomitting. We changed clothes twice before we were even out of the city. After that, we just used a really big towel. Now, 5 days later, the van seat still smells. We had to dissect her car seat to get it clean–soooo gross. But Friday she was just sick to her stomach, the rest of the weekend was fine.

The rest of the weekend was acutally a lot of fun–we got to play with lots of cousins, wish Great Grandma a happy 93rd birthday and celebrate cousin Jimmy’s baptism.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to report pain-free–I go for an injection this afternoon for my pinched nerve/herniated disk. It’s always something, isn’t it??

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  1. Poor girl and poor Mommy! I can’t believe she has a fever again!!
    I hope she’s feeling MUCH better now!!
    It was great seeing you guys over the weekend!

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