the morphine drip was not approved

….for home use. Not that it did much anyway. My pain is back to where it was early in the day on Friday, which is a start. You’d think I’d be entitled to a little more relief given that I’m on painkillers, muscle relaxants and steriods (good thing I’m not a competetive athelete, I’d be busted for sure).

A trip to the PA today gained me another painkiller (wait to try it once I’m in for the night) and an appt for an MRI. PT has been put on hold until the MRI is read, so that they know a little more about what they are dealing with.


The monkey is back 100%! She is eating, playing and generally, being a monkey. Our best new toy?? A diaper wipe container filled with Q-tips and an empty basket. Load all the q-tips in the container, take them out a couple at a time, close the lid, put them in the basket. Repeat until container is empty. Then reverse. Does it get any better than that?!?!?

Other GREAT things: she now has a sound for the word Fish–sort of a swooshing sound. She also now adds “shhh” (different from the sound for fish) when we read Good Night Moon and we get to the part where there’s a “quiet old lady whispering hush”. And she can now climb in and out of her carseat!!

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  1. You totally deserved that morphine drip…whatever!

    We loved seeing you guys this weekend! We can’t get over how big and smart M is!!

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