Doped Up

Yesterday did not go as planned. Remember how I said I had an EMG earlier this week?? Well, yesterday I called to follow up, and to let the Doc know that my leg pain was getting worse–much worse. The PA had my results, and told me that yes. I do have a pinched nerve, I’d be getting an order for some PT, and since the pain was back, she’d call in some medication.

The medication (strong anti-inflammatory) did NOTHING. Didn’t touch the pain AT ALL. I was miserable all evening (couldn’t even lift M ). L put M to bed, and I was still in pain. When I started crying because I couldn’t put on my socks, L told me to get in the car, we were headed to the ER. I felt awful about it–dragging M out at 9pm, but we had no other choice.

In the ER I told the doc the deal, and he promised he’d get the pain under control until I can get into the office on Monday. So I took an oral steroid, and got TWO shots. One was an anti-inflammatory, the other MORPHINE. Here’s the kicker–an hour later, I was still in pain. It took another shot of morphine to get any relief whatsoever. And really, it just relaxed the rest of me–it didn’t touch my leg pain at all.

I got in at about 12:30 last night, L dropped me off and took M___through a drive through 24 hour pharmacy to get my prescriptions, they rolled in about 1:15am. What troopers.

The kicker? I was awake by 7:30, M by 8am!! And while my back muscles have relaxed, my leg still hurts. It’s tolerable, but not as good as I think it should be, given that I am on FOUR different kinds of meds to control swelling and pain. Yikes!

I’m hoping the PT helps, and then maybe the therapist will have a magic wand to wave?!?! Maybe I can get a morphine drip for home?

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  1. Oh, Michelle, that is awful! How great that L and M took you to the emergency room last night, SO THOUGHTFUL! I hope your leg starts to feel better, hopefully the PT helps very quickly!

  2. MAN. You’ve got a great family there.

    I am SO sorry you’re dealing w/ this! All Tod’s back issues have never actually caused him back pain, but horrible leg pains and lack of sleep. (His were due to some disc issues, causing pressure to the nerves). He can relate! I can relate to what L has to endure while you go through this. (Tell him I’m sending over beer to help him).

    I hope they figure this out quickly and get you big relief.


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