STILL sick

Here I am, once again, posting about the fact that M is STILL SICK. She slept for 17 hours last night, woke up, drank about 16 oz of juice/milk, laid around for awhile, had horrible, up to her shoulder diarreha, and was asleep three hours later.

In consulting with the doc, we’ve stopped her current antibiotic and will be starting a new one tomorrow. I’m to keep pushing fluids any way she will take them. I’m actually using the medicine dropper–she takes motrin and what not willingly in it, so I’m putting pedialyte in it and tricking her into taking a few mLs at a time. THIS SUCKS.

Had a weird conversation with a friend I’ve been keeping posted about the situation today. She was relaying a conversation she had with a mutual friend. Said mutual friend said something to the effect of how it’s hard with children who are adopted because you don’t know the medical history, etc. Which I found odd. M is sick with some sort of infection, yes. But it’s not a mystery disease. It’s very likely some sort of cold/flu type thing that all kids get, adopted or not. She’s 14 months old and weighs 24lbs. Of course it’s going to knock her on her butt. And, BTW, we do have a medical history. I’ve got a pretty good background on Z as well, and guess what? He gets colds too! If she were being raise by J and G there is nothing that they know that we don’t know that could possibly effect her treatment in any way, shape or form.

I guess its more weird that other people even think about M as adopted and that how we parent/her medical care is at all effected because she’s adopted…..only because it’s really not on the fore front of my mind these days.

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