Tomorrow, I’m sure, M will wake up a new girl. Isn’t it great that after 10 days of illness I still have some optimism left?

We still don’t have a name for what she has, besides “a virus”, but we know that she does NOT have: strep, pnuemonia, tb, an ear infection or menegitis. That’s great. But seriously, this SUCKS. We did make a trip to the ER on Friday night (our first for M), where the doc confirmed what our PCP and his PA have been saying all along..”a virus”. The chest xray came back fine, her blood/oxy level was 99%, so that was good. No concerns about the amount she’s sleeping or drinking or not drinking. Her fever is gone, but a rash has appeared, and it keeps changing colors-from red to purple and back again.

She’s been awake an average of only 4-6 hours a day. She’s sleeping peacefully (thank God), but is so sad and pathetic when she’s awake it breaks my heart. Today she starting eating a little more–applesauce, a popsicle, and cheerios. Yesterday she seemed a little more “peppy”, today she was just out of it.

When she finally does wake up a new girl, I will REVEL in it.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I can’t believe she is still so sick! Poor baby – and the ER! How scary. I can’t believe this is going on so long. The rash sure is mysterious. (Maybe it’s just changing with each new flavor of popsicle? Okay, grasping at straws here!) Poor M. Sounds like after this is over, her body might have developed immunity to 3 or 4 things! Man. Kick a girl while she’s down, you crazy virus!

    I guess we won’t need to compare weights after this week to know that baby A outweighs her for sure!

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