New Look!

So I’ve upgraded to Beta Blogger, whatever that is. Why am I geeked?? I now have LABELS!! I can categorize to my heart’s content!! So what am I doing as the babe continues to sleep?? Categorizing my archives. I’m sooo geeked. Geeked being the operative word.

Still working on getting the ticker and few tweeks up and running. But I have labels! labels! labels!
And, this template/sidebar is MUCH easier to use. Call it the dumbing down of America if you will, but I won’t miss cutting and pasting in actual HTML.

Anyway, enjoy the budding blog catalog to your left…I am.

One Reply to “New Look!”

  1. POOR BABY! Poor Mama! I hope once she FINALLY wakes up that she is all better!

    and I am so upgrading to beta! hooray!

    Have a great weekend!

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