I’m getting tired of posting about this…..

But baby girl is still sick. Well, actually, I think we may have FINALLY turned a corner. Yesterday she was much, much, worse. Greeness was oozing out her eyes and nose, and she was just miserable. We went back to the doc, and while she tested negative for strep and for an ear infection, it was obvious that she was worse instead of better than she was on Monday. The visit was just awful–she pretty much screamed from the moment they tried to weigh her until the moment we walked out the door. It was the saddest thing. We were, however, lucky enough to get SAMPLES of the antibiotic, which saved me a trip to the pharmacy, which I was most appreciative of.

Instead of hitting the Mega-stores, I just ran to Aldi to pick up doc-prescribed popsicles/ice cream (M just needs to drink ANYTHING she’s willing to drink), and mom-desired chocolate, frozen pizza and alcohol. Aldi’s now carries Irish Cream. How great is that? For 1/2 the price of Bailey’s. It was a very beautiful thing. I’m a huge fan of the “quick trip” to Aldis, becuase it really is quick trip. There’s no Starbucks or free samples to distract, only about 5 aisles to work through, and those checkers are FAST. And lest you think,” Aldi’s? How Gross and Generic!”, our Aldi’s is brand new, really clean and nice and dare I say, TRENDY!?!?! I haven’t been a grade school cafeteria to know if the stigma is totally gone or not, but children at my pricey little school bring in items from Aldi all the time in their lunches. And for every down-and-out person shopping at the store, there’s always someone loading their newer SUV with groceries in the parking lot. Anyway, I digress.

I was glad to avoid the pharmacy yesterday (I’ll have to go at some point, but hopefully M will be up to it today or we can wait til L gets home) and feeling pretty lucky, when I got a very nice phone call. The director at M’s daycare was calling to see how she was doing (I’ve been keeping them posted), which I thought was very nice. No one else in her class has been sick this week, which is good to know. She also said she’d give us a 1/2 price credit since we didn’t make it at all this week. I thought that was extremely nice of her since the actualy rule is that unless it’s pre-arranged, you don’t get a price break for missing a week. Just a little bonus to brighten my day!

While we were chatting, she shared her worst-sick-kiddo story–while her husband was out to sea (he’s Navy) she was home with their two young children, who’d come down with chicken pox. While she was in the middle of draping sheets on all the furniture, giving oatmeal baths and applying anti-itch cream, he calls, saying that they just pulled into port….in Hawaii. And he and his friends spent the day driving around an island in a mustang convertible…….at least L’s just in Chicago, actually spending most of the day working……

M had one dose of antibiotic and really seemed to perk up last night. Granted, she went to bed at 7pm and she’s now headed into her 15th hour of sleep, but I’m hoping she’ll wake up a new girl!

She has to wake up a new girl, right??

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