Still Sick

Which is about the saddest thing there is. She’s been sleeping 12+hours a night, and taking 2 naps to total close to 5 hours a day. You do the math–so I’m home with her, but not really with her, you know? Remember that episode of Friends where Rachel wakes up her baby because she misses her? I’m not that dumb, but it’s tempting.

So the house is cleaner than it’s been, but it’s funny how dishes and laundry keep spontaneously generating themselves. I’ve read a couple books. Caught up on daytime TV (didn’t take long). I’ve done a lot of perusing of the internet. To complicate matters, my cell phone is out of comission (bad run in with a mug of coffee), so no long distance phone calls for me. I mean really, who pays for long distance these days? It’d be a crime against humanity. We actually do have long distance on our phone, but it’s a crazy rate since we never use it. No way I’m paying 10cents a minute to talk to someone I usually talk to for free.

This week has made me realize how lucky we really are–while it sucks that L is out of town, while it sucks that we are paying for a week of daycare we aren’t using, while it sucks that I may or may not get paid for this time off (with no boss, no one really knows how many sick/personal days anyone has!), and I don’t know how this little hiatus will effect my “career” (ha!) at least we have good health insurance (that’s not tied to MY job), and I know that we’ll make it through. I can’t help but wonder how single parents do this. I mean, really, what do you do when you are making just enough to get by, and then you have to miss a week of work? I know it’s happened to J more than once with Z, which is why she pretty much works all the time-because she knows that at some point something will happen and she’ll have to miss a few days, which screws up her whole world.

M is on her 13th hour of sleep right now. 13 hours! Can you imagine? I hope my next post will be about “amazing recovery girl”….this sickness stuff is just too depressing.

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  1. Dear Baby M,

    We hope you feel much better today! Please get well so we can have a playdate soon.

    It is so sad that you are sick! (Did you and your cousins kiss and hug too much last week and share germies??? Ahhh. The price we pay for family time!)

    Baby A

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