Sniffly Monkey

Baby girl has come down with a nasty cold. The cough, the watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing and a low grade fever–it’s so pathetic. You know when you’re normal bundle of energy lays and looks at books with you for an HOUR that she’s under the weather. When she plays “na na” (night-night) admist her toys–just lays down on the pillow and tries to cover herself up with a blanket, that she’s not 100%.

So we’ve started the cough med, the humidifier, the constant cup of water/juice, the vapor baths…you know the drill. And as an experiment, I gave her some soy milk today. I want her to get the vitamins of milk, but not all the mucus-producing properties of such. She sucked it down like it was the best thing ever. The weird part? There’s less sugar in vanilla soy milk than in regular whole milk. Granted, it’s added in the soy milk and occurs naturally in the whole milk, but still.

We stayed home today, and I’m planning on staying home tomorrow too. It’s weird to be home and not be sick myself–like I’m playing hooky or something. I know I’m not–I know I wouldn’t want M around any child as sick as she is, so therefore, she’s home with me.

To complicate matters, L’s out of town for work this week. So it’s all me, all the time. Let’s hope whatever she’s got isn’t too contagious, or that at least my 33 yr old immune system can at least keep it at bay.

This does mean that I got to see Meredith on the Today show today, and I got to see the Doodlebops in action. They are kinda of wacky. M liked them though–when they were done playing, she clapped (always a sign of approval). I think a CD of theirs would be tolerable–then you wouldn’t have to look at all the freaky colors all the time, and the music isn’t awful.

Since there’s NOTHING on TV, I’m out of library books to read, and it’s naptime, I’ve been cruising around the internet quite a bit. I found the complete series of articles on the horrific story about the pregnant mom and her 3 kids who were murdered by their family friend. Actually, I read the headline in the paper this morning and started crying. Of course detectives wouldn’t have looked in the washer or dryer for the children….what kind os sickness does this woman have?? Seriously, it reads like a very bad episode of CSI. And sounds more like something someone would do to an estranged lover/spouse rather than a childhood friend, doesn’t it? It seems like it’s been just an awful few weeks for children in the news which just makes me really, really sad.

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