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So I’m still totally grooving on my concert experience a few weeks ago. I actually had a dream that I went to go see John Mayer again–this time, he was playing at the Marquette Mall, in Michigan City, IN. I got to meet him before he went on stage. He played “Your Body is Wonderland”. It was really good to hear it live (it was a dream, I know, but it was SO real).

Anyway, John has a blog. And either he’s the real deal, or he hires chicks to write for him so that other chicks will read. Check out his September 17th entry about the Doodlebugs and pining for paternity. Is he serious? Or does he record on the same label, and did the record company set it all up so that obsessed moms like myself might check them out because he endorses them???

If he’s real, I think he’s dreamy. If he’s not, it’s annoying, because it’d be so nice if he was real.

John, I know you’re reading, so please, please, answer my questions!!!

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  1. LOL. Marquette Mall! I love it!
    Sounds like an amazing dream! soooo…Noah dreams. NOAH. DREAMS. This morning at 6:45am, (you are going to LOVE this) he wakes up crying so hard. I go into his room and he keeps repeating the same thing over and over again “it’s MY Cailou! It’s my Cailou, Mama!” He was dreaming that someone was taking Cailou from him! How cute! I said “yes, Cailou is yours!” and he said “thank you” and went back to bed. See, they do love that little bald boy! (and Anna is still wanting Cailou on her b-day cake!) LMAO!

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