Can you tell prime time doesn’t start for another 30 minutes?

Sniffly monkey has been put to bed. I’m tired of housework. So here I sit. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately about Montessori at home–either home-learning families or just applying principles to your every day family life. Since I’ve been the one giving the enrollment tours at school lately, I’ve been trying to get that point across–that it’s not just a learning method, but a lifestyle. A lifestyle that embraces respect for all members of a family, big and small, as well as a respect for everyone’s place in society. (among other things)

M has definitely taken a turn in the expressive/receptive communication arena this week, and she’s showing me that she knows SO MUCH. So how else am I going to pass the next 30 minutes?? Bragging on my kid, of course. What else would any self-respecting MommyBlogger do??

The Top 10 Best Things about Baby Kahuna (this week)

1) Playing Mama. M’s dolly now has time in the booster seat, and the tray must be fastened on! Dolly also goes “na na” on a pillow, and gets covered with a blanket. She gets a bottle, and honest to goodness, she was trying to change her today with some junk mail I had around the house. (Putting her down on a piece of paper, covering the diaper area with anothe piece of paper) She also goes for stroller rides around the house, as well as on shopping trips in the shopping cart.

2)Going Bye bye. She takes me keys to the front door, tries to reach the lock and waves to me. Seriously.

3) Answering questions with the shake of her head. Walking over to her seat when she’s hungry. Going to the fridge for milk. Closing the fridge door and car doors every chance she gets.

4) Brushing her teeth and her hair. Helping to dress herself–moving her arms and legs to actually aid the dressing and undressing process. Taking off her velcro shoes. Untying her tie shoes.

5) Using a spoon and a fork. She gets quite irritated if I give her a bowl of food without a utensil. She’s also started handing me things when she’s done (rather than dumping the leftovers on the floor).

6) Using a few signs!! She can sign “please” when I ask her to (before food), she does the potty sign when I go, and does “all done” after she hands me her dishes. And she points to the sky for airplane.

7)The talking. We’ve got the new “na na” for night-night, “bu-bu” for butterfly, the two sounds for duck (one for duck, the other for quack quack), “ba ba” is universal for drink….it’s amazing how much she gets her point across with just a few words!!! She’s also a fan of ba-boo, and pi-doo….which can mean anything from shoes to pizza, depending on what’s in her line of sight.

8) The repetition. And the repetition. And the repetition. Open the drawer. Take out one playing card. Close the drawer. Bring it to me across the room. Go back to the drawer. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat until I have 10 playing cards. Then take back a card and do the whole thing in reverse. Seriously.

9) The fridge magnets. She LOVES our acrylic frames with pictures of her friends and cousins. LOVES THEM. Will look at them, move them around, talk to them…..

10) Her smile and hug in the mornings when I open her door. How can that not be the best moment of my day?

I’ll shut up now. But know there are probably 5 more top ten lists where this one came from.

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