On the Seventh Day, she rested…I mean resisted

So the Meijer Marathon:

On Sunday, Mich returned home from vacation and ran to Meijer to get milk and something for dinner.

On Monday, Mich went to Meijer to do the real weekly grocery shopping, and forgot the banking items she needed.

On Tuesday, Mich went to the bank inside Meijer, to do what she forgot to do on Monday.

On Wednesday, Mich went to the Meijer drive thru pharamacy–once to drop off, the other to pick up a prescription.

On Thursday, Mich went to Meijer to pick up some things for the “baby”–stools, toddler untesils, new cups, bed sheets, milk, snacks, those sorts of things.

On Friday, Mich went to Meijer to pick up chocolate chocolate chip cookies from the bakery, because she didn’t have time to bake them herself for her friend’s birthday party.

On Saturday, Mich balanced her checkbook and STAYED HOME.

This tale is sort of like “the Very Hungry Caterpillar”, no?
***EDITED: 9/25/06: Actually, this much more resembles “Cookie’s Week” after closer inspection!***

I know, you’re thinking, why doesn’t she go to Target? Doesn’t everyone who’s anyone go to Target? Well, Meijer is closer than the SuperTarget (for grocery needs), as well as cheaper, and less crazy. Our Targets here don’t have drive-up pharamacy windows, nor do they have banks. So Meijer is a one-stop-shop sort of place, which is usually a good thing. Until you realize that you haven’t even been to another store all month long. That the greeter recognizes you. That you know where the bathroom is, and have used it more than once. And that in all seriousness, a good chunk of your 10,000 steps for the day typically takes place in their aisles.

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  1. hmmmm….Meijer isn’t much of an option for us around these parts. I don’t blame you for going there, though! Today I went to Kohl’s and Target. On a Saturday. And it was Kohl’s Super Saturday. WTF. It seriously felt like the day after Thanksgiving. Lines at EVERY register that were so long they were going through the clothes. Yes, stick to Meijer—but only once a week, okay?! 🙂

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