Where do I even begin???

It’s been over a week since I’ve posted, and what a week it’s been.

Family Vacation: Last Thursday, we embarked on a six hour road trip to Galena, IL to have a weekend with L’s family in a rental house. We had a lovely time overall–although coordinating anything with seven adults and six children (all under the age of 5) can be tricky. I wouldn’t call the trip relaxing, but it was fun. And the scenary in that area is BEAUTIFUL.

Big Changes: On our way to Galena, we got a phone call from our best friends/M’s godparents–they are moving to Ohio at the end of the month!! M’s godfather has been accepted into a PhD program and has a job at a university research center there. It’s exciting, but we’re very sad. These are our closest friends–we frequently pop over for dinner, go out to ice cream, get the kids together, walk around the block, etc, etc. Her godmother is one of our “in case of emergency” contacts, for heaven’s sake! Looking on the bright side, we absolutely must plan a vacation together next year! I’m not looking on the dark side….it’s just too sad! Fortunately, my friend who originally watched M when I went back to work has agreed to be our new emergency contact! Phew!

Work things: As the World Freakin’ Turns, I tell ya. Monday morning I’m going about my merry way, and 5 minutes before instruction is to start, I’m called into a meeting with assorted people and told that I’m being moved to another classroom–effective immediately. Exsqueeze me? No, it’s true, after years and years in the same room, I’m being moved. I haven’t really gotten a straight answer as to why (there are many theories), but I have to say, it’s gone more smoothly than expected. And the school board president assures me that it has nothing to do with me, in as much it’s not like I was doing something wrong. It’s got more to do with other personalities not getting along. Whatever. It’s a smaller group, only younger children and working out just fine right now, but I was speechless Monday. We’ll see how long this plan lasts.

The World of Miss M

After finding those Montessori Blog links, I’ve been reading this blog, Montessori Baby. And it was funny, because as she was posting about her 7 month old and all the new things he’s up to and into, I was thinking the same things for M. At 13 months, she’s ready for more. So this week we’ve worked on a few things.

She’s now learning how to get her own dishes and cups out of a low cupboard (and putting them away after unloading them from the D/W), and I’ve set up a low stool in the bathroom with some supplies for teeth brushing and hair brushing. She LOVES it and can totally do what she’s supposed to do.

I’ve noticed she’s interested in helping to dress and undress herself, and likes to carry her clothes around, which is hysterical. She’ll also bring me my clothes if they happen to be lying around the house. All doors must be closed, and all safety latches latched (we have removable ones, and if they aren’t latched, she makes motions for me to fix it!). Ah yes, her sense of order is alive and well.

My favorite things at the moment though, is her language devlopment. Most animals she refers to as “ga” and will growl when asked what that animal says. She says more of a “cack cack” for the word duck though–and when you as her what the duck says, she does a very throaty “cack cack”–distinctly different from the sound she makes when saying the word for “duck”. Completely and utterly cute. I keep ducks around now just for her to babble on about!

I think that’s it for the moment. Oh, and sometime soon I’ll have to post about my Meijer Marathon. I’ve been there every day this week. And I’m on my way there now. Seriously.

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