Y’all know I’m stalking you, right?

As many of you probably know, sitemeter is a site that lets you track visitors to your weblog. You can see who’s looking, how long they looked, when they looked and where they live. It’s cool. (Don’t get too creeped out–no identifying information is given, just your internet provider, sometimes)

I was looking at the gotchababy stats today, and noticed that someone from Kampong Nerambai, Negeri Sembilan was reading my blog. How interesting. I don’t know anyone in Malaysia. And they were at the site for a little bit, not just clicking through. So I did a little investigating.

Sitemeter also lets you see “entry pages”–where people click into your blog. Usually, it’s just my actual URL, but sometimes it’s something different. This time, the “entry page” was Montessori Mom Links . I’m in “Montessori Blogs VI”. Interesting, no?? So for anyone who clicks to this through that (follow me?), thanks for checking me out. It’s not the most academic of sites, but it’s life as I know it.

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