all the cool kids were at the show….

SO much fun last night. Not crazy, dancing in the aisles fun (there were plenty of sorority girls doing just that), more like hanging-on-a-blanket with girlfriend, enjoying the total break from all things I’m normally responsible for; complete with a frozen margarita (or 2).

Becky and I got to go to this show because her husband is a drummer who sometims plays with the “house band” at Verizon Wireless Music Center’s VIP lounge. The VIP Lounge is for season ticket holders and promotional give aways, and, apparently, friends of the house band. So we were “on the list”–literally, we went to the box office, showed our ID and got into the venue.

The VIP Lounge is a covered, open-air patio sort of restuarant lounge–BEAUTIFUL space, but truthfully, overpriced and not that great. The kitchen was having serious problems last night–the band gets a comp dinner. They ordered a hamburger and chicken wings to be delivered for their 6:45 break. A bacon cheeseburger and potato skins arrived at 7:45, while they were playing. Seriously.

The good thing about the VIP Lounge is that you have your own restrooms. Seriously. A seperate place from the masses. That alone, IMO is the absolute best feature about the whole thing. OH! And we got to meet a local radio DJ too.

Mat Kearney openend, and although I was only familiar with his one hit, he was really enjoyable. If you click on him, you’ll hear his song. Word on the street is that he’s a sweetheart.

Sheryl Crow was next, and she ROCKED. I remember dancing to “All I Wanna Do is Have Some Fun” while being completely wasted on my 21st birthday. This being my 33rd birthday, that was some time ago. The woman has had serious hits since then, and she played many of them, although she skipped the above. She did do “Favorite Mistake”, “The First Cut is the Deepest”, “Soak up the Sun”, “Strong Enough”, “If it Makes You Happy”, a Bob Dylan cover and many, many more. The woman stood up there, guitar in hand for close to 90 minutes, not even stopping for a drink of water. It was great!!

John Mayer
was FINE (in so many ways) and guess what? He has a BLOG just like me and most of you. He’s such a musician of our generation 😉 He was funny and friendly and someone near us was yelling, “You probably say that to all the concerts, John! Don’t try to put the moves on us!” But you know what? He can put the moves on me ANY time.

Anyway, not only are his songs awesome, he’s a fantastic musician, and wasn’t afraid to play new songs (such as , “Dreaming with a Broken Heart”), or jam out with instrumentals, or during his encore, try to play songs that he’s sort of forgotten (seriously, he started one, and then stopped). It was LOVELY all around.

He played until after 11pm amd played many songs, including: “Daughters” (ok, I would have gone just to hear that one), “Neon”, “No Such Thing”, “Think before speaking”, “Why Georgia”, “Bigger Than My Body”…..and so on.

The only thing he didn’t play was “Your Body is a Wonderland”…of course, he probably didn’t want to be mobbed by many naked women, on stage, during the show. Or maybe security said they didn’t want the whole lawn getting it on during the show. Anyway, that was sad, but I didn’t even realize he “skipped” it until driving home.

All in all, it was a beautiful night!!

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  1. Sounds like a GREAT time. I don’t enjoy going to concerts there anymore-it takes longer to get out of the parking lot onto the highway to a point that isn’t moving at negative 3 mph than it does to watch an entire concert! Or back in the day, that’s how it was. Or maybe I’m just to old and frumpy! I didn’t know about the VIP lounge – that sounds better.

    Sounds like a FANTABULOUS night – LOVE John Mayer (I bet Neon was great in person….) I was very disturbed by the rumors that he’s dating Jessica Simpson. Made the boy go down a few notches, in my eyes.

    Is Sheryl as fit in person as she looks on TV?

  2. Sheryl is possibly the most buff woman I have EVER seen. Seriously, she is BUFF. I didn’t see flab anywhere….not on the triceps or anything. She is teeny-tiny….her guitar looked sooo big!

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