Go Katie

I’ll admit it, I’ve been suckered into the media blitz surrounding Katie’s foray into the evening news. I’ve watched last night and tonight, and I think she’s doing it justice. I think it’s been a slow national-news week–nothing much is changing or new, so it’s hard to make a judgement, but for starters, I think she’s doing just fine. A little softer, maybe, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

And regardless of how she does, I’m just glad she’s doing it. I wasn’t aware that no woman had been an evening network anchor before, so if for nothing else, I’ll support her for that. My question is, how old will be “too old” for her to be on the air? Will she make it like Barabara Walters? She seems to be aging gracefully at the moment….we’ll see what’s to come in the next decade or so.

It amazes me that in this, 2006, there are still frontiers for women to cross. I mean, really. Does anyone know of any other jobs (besides President, Vice President, some military posts) where the girls need to make their marks?!?!

PS–have you ever seen a baby with darker, fuller hair than Suri?? OMG! Like the young thing is wearing a wig!

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