Labor-free weekend

We just returned last night from a family marathon of sorts–exhausted and happy. My cousin and his wife were in from Florida, and they got to meet M for the first time. Of course, they were smitten! Every time M walked into a room where they were, she was so happy to see them. In the mornings, they’d come down for breakfast (you know, about 2 hours after M’s been up, running around) and she was ESTATIC that they were still there. It was really sweet. We got the whole fam together 3 days in a row, and it was really nice. M had fun with her cousins, Anna and Noah. Apparently, she’s reached the age where she can “run with the kids” now–she just did whatever they were doing, happy as a clam, hours past her bedtime. Does it get any better than that? Oh, and there was carrot cake in honor of my upcoming birthday. That was pretty great too.

Monday we hit L’s side of the family, and again, she “ran with the kids”….6 kids, all under the age of 4, completely getting along for the 4 hour visit. How crazy is that? They all (well, not baby Jimmy) played in the sand box and on the slide, Uncles supervising but really getting involved. Uncles kabitzing, Aunties kabitzing, Grandpa dozing on the couch. M did slow down enough to hang with Baby Jimmy for a little bit, as you can see:

It was baby’s 2 month b-day. He’s celebrating by taking 5-6oz every 3 hours!!! Oh those were the days….

We went to the doc this afternoon–M’s ears are clear, and she’s made a full recovery from her first ear infection. Now if only those molars would come through once and for all.

No news on how much $$ was made on the Ball…I’m eagerly awaiting the wrap up email.

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