I could have danced all night….

The Ball was a huge success! I haven’t heard how much $$ was raised, but it was a really enjoyable time. The setting, the Indiana Roof Ballroom, is just the most beautiful place, you can’t help but be in a festive mood while you are there.

I don’t know what you can tell from this picture, but the tables had beautiful white floral center pieces with silver stars and smelled soooo good. There were stars from the spotlight on the ballroom floor, it was really pretty!

The auction was GREAT–I wish I had numbers, but I don’t yet. All in due time, I’m sure. Anyway, I gathered the items for two people who spent over $1000. So if 10 people did that, we’re golden!

The Dancing with the Stars was a HOOT–the local weatherman danced to “I Love a Rainy Night”, the agency director did a Tango, the deputy Mayor did some racy moves and the priest from the cathedral did some VERY racy moves–for a priest–with a little gal who does hip-hop and swing. It was a riot, and we raised $2300 on the dance contest by selling paddles for people to vote for their favorite dancers.

The food was divine–fancy greenery salad with pears, nuts, bleu cheese; fabulous rich and creamy potatoes au gratin, the delightful steam veggie mix of green beans, wax beans and carrots, and moist chicken and beef (truly, the meat was just OK, but the rest of the meal was great). Add a little table wine and some bread and color me happy.


It tasted even better than it looked—you can’t tell from the picture that it was FUDGE CAKE, thick chocolate mousse, real whip cream…..OH SO delightful.

Here’s the quick write up from Saturday morning’s “BUZZ” page..scroll down past Mitch’s appearance and read about our fab night!

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  1. I’m so sad we missed it! Next year, I hope to volunteer so I can be able to afford to go. By then, I might actually be able to tear myself away from baby boy for an evening and leave him with a sitter, although I shudder right now with that thought!!!!

    Thanks for all your hard work and support for the cause! They were so lucky to have your help. I’m so glad it was fun!

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