Today the sun came out after 2 days of rain. It was a welcome relief for all involved. M got to play outside, my students had reccess and the flower beds have a chance to dry out a little bit.

Saturday night we went to a CWA (union) picinic–it was raining, so we ate our food, looked at the clown and left. Next year, if the weather is nice, I think that M will have a ball. The park was really nice, and there was a set up for a few small carnival games (rained out) and a moonwalk (rained out). There was a DJ, and a beer truck. Again, if it hadn’t been 60 degrees and raining, I think we REALLy would have had a good time!

M wasn’t phased by the clown at all–L says this is her “best WTF expression”. The clown was very nice, and very calm around M, which I appreciated.

We spent Sunday in the living room, which by the end of the day was feeling really small! I think we were all happy for a change of scenary today.

Due to a staffing issue, I worked til after 3 today, so M had her longest day ever at Rainbow. She did just great–slept for her typical hour, had afternoon snack, and was playing happily when I picked her up. Of course, she promptly fell asleep, and has been down for almost 2 hours. It’s now 5:30pm. My question is, is she down for the night?? Will she get up? How long will she stay up for? She wore herself out at Relay and slept for 13 hours that night. If she sleeps 13 hours straight, that means she’ll wake up at 5am. Only about 1 hour earlier than usual. Why am I speculating? Why am I pretending I have ANY control over this whatsoever?!?!

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