So I’m not posting….

not because I don’t want to, but because we are having computer issues with at captial I. Which means my computer time is limited to the 15 minutes I may or may not have at work, or some other random time. Hardly time to collect my thoughts for a blog post.

However, I think L is distracted enough at the moment that I can extend my “turn” at the computer.

Tonight we had a totally random party at our house!! On a Tuesday!! It was so much fun, and I may still be a little buzzed. I had invited a friend to come swimming with her kids this afternoon…..and while I was at work another friend called her, wondering when a good time to come swimming in my neighborhood would be….so they decided that TODAY was THE day, and planned a cook out to go along with it and told their husbands to come over after work. Then I called M’s godparents at work, and they said they could totally join us, and then the only person missing was L. Well, sure enough, his class got out early and he was even able to make a BEER RUN before we sat down to grilled pork chops, grilled veggies and pasta salad. How great is that?? We had a BALL, the kids had a great time, and my house is actually cleaner than it was when I left for work this morning.

I LOVE days like this!!! Viva La Summer!!

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  1. i lose my mind when my computer acts up. i gotta learn to handle that better. your impromptu swim/cookout party sounds like a much better coping mechanism than one of my meltdowns.

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