Our first trip to Stride-Rite

With the advent of a few unassisted steps, we went to Stride-Rite today to be fitted for walking shoes!! It will probably go down in our little family history as the easiest shoe-shopping trip ever. M got her foot measured and when you are a 4 1/2 REGULAR width, apparently, your choices are white and white. Not a single style with flowers or color was available. So her first pair of shoes look a lot like mine, circa 1974, except that her soles are rubber and not that rubbery wood from back in the day.

I did splurge and get the little “lace savers” that are pink and have a bell….maybe I’ll find some fun laces too!

This was quite the weekend for Baby Girl’s wardrobe. While in Target yesterday, I found infant swim diapers and matching tops, all with SPF protection. Complete with matching hats and shades. I was SO jazzed, until I realized that there were only bikini tops for girls. Ok, I’m not a prude, but a)I don’t think it’s appropriate, and b)do you see the irony in an SPF protected bikini top?!?! So Baby Girl got a more boy slanted fish t-shirt and green swim bottoms. I made sure her hat was girly, but this time function won out over fashion on the swim top. Seriously, why would I exposed more flesh than necessary?

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  1. Hey I have been told not to put kids in hard soled walking shoes until they have been walking for 1 – 2 months. So check it out with you Dr, just something mine is very specific about. She suggested barefeet or soft soled socks like shoes until they are walking well.

    I enjoy reading your blog, my little guy is a bit older, but doing stuff a bit later, at 13 months we have just had the unassisted standing to much applause.

  2. I bet she’s going to look adorable in whatever swimwear you purchased!

    I also like the one-piece look for girls, Anna has both, the two piece was a gift! So, I’m happy to have the 2 piece suit around, but it’s never the first choice!

    Sounds like everyone is ready for summer….not just if the weather would cooperate!

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