Day 2

First of all, let me just say that this will not become a daily digest of Megan’s day at “rainbow” (the name of the center). BUT it being the first week and all, it’s really the only thing on my mind at the present.

This morning went smoothly as well–she did give me the, “Um, oh wait–no you’re not leaving are you??!?!?” look–at which point I fled the building. Apparently, after I left, she was easily distracted with breakfast, and went about her merry way.

Good things thus far:

a) Baby Girl didn’t go outside yesterday because I forgot sunscreen. For those who’ve seen the red-headed, fair-skinned Babe in the flesh, you know this is a VERY good thing. I packed sunscreen (and applied at home), and today she spent 30 minutes outside before lunch!!

b) They sanitize our bottles for us!! That’s 2-3 less bottles for me at the end of every day. I LOVE THAT!

c) She gets time with the older children, which she LOVES, and today she slept–on a cot of all things! She slept longer on it than in the crib yesterday, so maybe they are onto something. I love that they were open to trying it out! (not my suggestion)

d) I literally get a written report everyday. They measure her food, record her diapers and bottles and give me a synopsis. I’m very glad that I’m not required to keep a written log on my own child like that–I’m sure I’d fail miserably at it!

She slept long and hard last night, and went down early tonight. Thankfully she’s pretty good about going down even when she’s tired. I think a week or two of figuring out her new nap schedule and we will be golden.

I’m really glad we decided to do this this week–with this transition going smoothly, I think I’ll enjoy our three day weekend more. Now the only new thing on Tuesday will be 4 new students!! (Yikes!!!)

Other News

Okay, there really isn’t much. My solicitations for the adoption agency fundraisers have been paying off–several items have come in thus far, which makes me feel like all the time on the phone, the postage, etc. was worth it. After Relay For Life, I will make one last concentrated effort–perhaps at the airconditioned mall or some other agreeable place!

Since I’ve turned on comment moderation on this blog, now anyone can leave a comment–you don’t have to be a registered user. So go ahead–comment away. I’m waiting!

oh and shh…don’t tell the Montessori police, but I’ve set up the Pack n Play in our room, and the Babe likes spending a little time in there every day while I’m getting ready. It’s SOO much better than chasing her around our non-child proofed room. Phew!

And the last bit of non-news…our meals have become Juice-a-licious. My friend passed on basically a Juicemaster 2000 type juicer to me–the kind that pulverizes EVERYTHING into juice. It is so much fun! And the Babe loves it. Now I can make a little apple juice, grape juice, fruit/carrot cocktail and she thinks it great! She takes it in her straw cup and goes to town. I think it will be a great way to sneak in some extra veggies. tee hee hee!

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