Day 3

I promise, I’ll stop soon. But it’s all going so well, I can’t stop gushing. Turns out, there wasn’t a new student today. So it’s still just the Babe and her caretaker, Ms. L. Works for me!

There was no drama this morning at drop-off—you know, it won’t happen until I’m not expecting it. Today she played shy for 5 seconds, then went right to Ms. L. When I told L, he said, “So she likes Ms.L more than us, huh?” Yup, that must be it! She spent most of her day with the “big kids”, and apparently loved every minute of it, and napped again on a cot–but only for 30minutes. Sooner or later, I know, she’ll relax enough to take a real nap.


Next weekend is Relay For Life!! Our team has been slow to start–so now it’s time to fundraise with gusto! Please click on the link and consider making a donation to the American Cancer Society. Thank you!!!

The weather has gotten hot and humid today–secretly,the staff at school is hoping it will rain on our picnic tonight. Isn’t that horrible?? It’s just that most of the school (ok, all but 21 of my students) are done tomorrow, which means, of course, they were all really done about 2 days ago. And so it’s just that can-it-please-be-summer feeling that’s taken over the school. Thankfully, when you don’t start working til March, you don’t really feel that way. Which is good, because we don’t get a break until the week of July 4th!

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  1. Can’t post on my blog because of the agency – but we were matched!! The baby is so beautiful and we will have her in two weeks (if it all goes through the courts) I don’t care about anything but getting her—i am so happy I had to tell you!

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