A New Chapter

So due to the aligning of the planets, some jitters on my part AND a new-found Aplha mom tendency on my part, the Babe started child care today instead of next week. Her current caregiver was sick Monday, so I had her with me in the classroom–not fun for anyone, especially the Babe! She loves the stroller–but not for 2 hours while all the other kids get to get down move around as they please. She was very good, but I felt sooooo badly about it! Thankfully she took a good morning nap, so it was only about 2 hours of tending to her and the other 25 children!

So I got to thinking that if her caregiver was still sick today, that maybe this week would be a good time to start daycare. So yesterday we went over to the center, and found out some info that sealed the deal:

a) due to enrollment changes, the Babe will be in the infants room instead of the toddler room. This is really OK, since she’s used to taking 2 naps and eating in a high chair. Plus I LOVE the infants teacher.

b) due to enrollment changes, the infants room was empty today and tomorrow, with a new 7 month old starting on Thursday. This is where the alpha-mom in me came out–I immediately realized that the Babe could have 2 days of basically undivided attention. 2 days of getting to know the teacher w/o anyone else around.

c) they are being really good about the price/fees–since I was quoted the toddlers price, I get to keep the toddlers price ($25 a week less than the infant room), AND we are only paying for 4 days this week instead of 5. (usually you pay for the full week, regardless of how much you are there)

While I was chatting to the director about all of this, the Babe was having a ball, climbing all over this soft-gym equipment they have set up in the middle of the room. She found a baby doll to carry, a bell to ring, and a mirror to giggle into. She protested when I picked her up to go!

So last night, after some consideration, we decided to start her today. No time like the present! So we packed up a box for her, like she was headed to camp or something–it was really funny. Since we buy everything at Sam’s, we had to pack these industro-sized items–atleast she’ll be set for awhile.

This morning she was in a GREAT mood, and excited to go back to the center. She was all smiles for her teacher, and immediately started playing as we unpacked her things. I actually said goodbye to her with hugs and kisses, and she turned around and started playing.

Ok, no drama today-we both made it through the day tear free!!! I was a little edgy, but overall, quite calm about the whole thing. I couldn’t get there fast enough this afternoon–the drive to the center from school is about 6 minutes I think–it seemed like an eternity though. I caught every red light………

When I finally got there at 1pm, L was already there–he had a previously planned 1/2 day, so that worked nicely. Even once we showed up, she was happy to keep playing!

I got the full written report–she did her normal bottles/eating schedule–but only slept for 20 minutes! I’m thinking that will improve once she relaxes a little bit.

There you have it–our first day at daycare–all in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We’ll see what tomorrow morning brings, now that the Babe will know a little more about what’s going on!!

2 Replies to “A New Chapter”

  1. WOW. This was a HUGE step. I am so glad that MOM made it through the day okay! She was the one I was most worried about.

    Miss M is truly extraordinary! I hope she continues to love it there. It is wonderful for her to have some days by herself in order to get comfortable. That worked out great.

  2. I can’t believe it worked out that way! The first day is always so dreadful and somehow you got it out of the way quickly and fairly easily! HOORAY! Sounds like the PERFECT place for this PERFECT girl!!
    WAY TO GO, MOM!!

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