A Looong Night’s Journey into the Day

Last night was “A NIGHT”. A NIGHT–meaning that there was little sleeping and much comforting. A NIGHT where the Babe was suddenly feverish at bedtime, and just needed Mom or Dad to hold her while she tried to sleep. A NIGHT where Children’s Tylenol didn’t really do much. A NIGHT where all the teeting med. in the world wasn’t enough. A NIGHT where all you can do is hold her close and drift to sleep as she does, only to be startled awake when she starts. A NIGHT where you’re glad she’s on a floor bed so that Dad can sleep (he hung in there til midnight) and you can tend to her in semi-comfort, while conteplating how early to call your boss in the morning. A NIGHT where I wondered what I would do if I was a surgeon with a 6:30am procedure scheduled, or a police person or nurse or EMT headed into a 12 hour shift. A NIGHT where I’m glad I’m replaceable at work. A NIGHT where we both finally slept in peace from 3 am – 6:30am.

Now she’s down for her second nap of the day, I think the fever is gone, and she’s MUCH better. I know that school would have been a disaester for a us both this morning, so I made the right call (at 6:45 or so). Is it teeth (I dreamt during my morning nap that she was getting 3 sets of molars)? Is a delayed reaction to the Hep B dose she got Thursday? Is a little spring virus? Does it really matter??

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