Why I Love Open Adoption

This is one of the pictures J recently saw. Below is her email:

I saw the new pictures. I started to crack up because. When I was pregnant with her G found out that I hadn’t had Ritter’s. So he took me there and I was hooked. On the really hot days in summer I would be like lets get some Ritter’s. I ate it all the time when I was pregnant with her. So just seeing her eat it now it’s like I got her hooked before she was born.

I love that she shared that with us, and that we, in turn, can share it with the Babe. And let me tell you, the Babe LOVES Ritter’s. Of course, if you’ve been there, it’s hard not to! This summer we also have Handel’s, and if she’s lucky, Graeter’s on the list to hit as well!

4 Replies to “Why I Love Open Adoption”

  1. Open adoption – That’s what it’s all about!! Everyone sharing in the simple joys of the life of two families joined by one amazing little miracle!

    Ahhhh, Baby M – you are just the sweetest little thing, spreading happiness and ice cream (or frozen yogurt) kisses wherever you go!

  2. Okay – this is what I HATE about the internet! I cannot BELIEVE someone would post an add on a personal blog! I HATE TELEMARKETING AND E-MARKETING!!!! I hope there’s some way you can remove that!!!!!

  3. Hi Mich! Thanks for saying hi! I’ll check you out later on, as I’m drinking my standard reheated coffee and waiting for a friend’s son to come over in a few minutes.

    BTW, that’s really awesome that you have such a wonderful relationship with your daughter’s birthmom!

  4. Ok, I keep trying to post a comment, but it keeps getting zapped!

    Anyway, thanks for posting Mich! It’s awesome that you have such a wonderful relationship with your daughter’s birthmom!

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