Taking the Plunge

I’ve done it..it being, signed the Babe up for daycare! I went with the place I mentioned in my last post after I ran over there in the middle of the morning. Adults interacting with the children, everyone happily eating snack, everything fairly tidy and very clean. There was cheery music playing, and in general, the place seemed pleasant. The director was happy to see me, the assitant director was sweet, and so I plopped down a deposit.

I feel, in a way, like a weight has been lifted off my chest–we made a decision! Of course, I’m still talking myself into the fact that she is, in fact, going to daycare at all, but that’s beside the point. L stopped by on Friday as well, and said that it seemed fine to him, and he met the staff as well.

So starting May 30th, I’ll drop her off and then head to work! L starts summer school this Wednesday night. He’s working on finishing his B.A., and for the next 18 months, most nights of the week he’ll be down at the local college til sometime after 8pm. Thankfully his job has tuition reimbursement!

I’m hoping to be able to have some “quality time” with the Babe each afternoon after we get home and she naps for a bit. Usually there are about 3-4 hours between her afternoon nap and bedtime. Up until he starts school, this time was L’s, because I was always heading off to the tutoring center. Now it’s my turn to take her to the park, do bath time, etc. I’m hoping that a few times a week we’ll be able to meet daddy on campus for a picnic dinner of some sort.

Other things on my mind……I’ve read 2 stories in the paper lately that really make me question whether common sense is still common in America. They were both stories of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants who were brought here as children for a better life. Children raised in this country, but now living in the margins as adults because they don’t have the proper paperwork. They live in fear of being found out, being deported–even though in both cases they are hardworking young men who are contributing in society. One is a landscaper, the other a studen studying robotics. Neither is a threat to national security. Both were brought here by well-intentioned parents. Both consider the US to be home–neither has seen their own “motherland” for a long, long time. One has a child, who is an American citizen. These profiles make me feel that illegal immigrants need to be treated with more respect, and need to be given a road to becoming citizens. I know the borders need patroling, I know border states bear the brunt of huge expenses. But for people who were brought here through the actions of others, it just seems to make sense.

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