$3000 in the bank

Not for me, but for the American Cancer Society, thanks to the auction that I helped put together through Relay For Life. Sunday was a success, and I should be feeling the satisfaction of a job well done (and over!). But, no, I’m just moving onto my next volunteer commitment–a silent auction for the Babe’s adoption agency. The meeting’s tonight and I get to admit to the group that I’ve scored 0 prizes because I’ve been slacking. Or I could log off right now and get on the phone, but I’m feeling unmotivated.

New Subject. So the Babe is now EVERYWHERE. So much more everywhere than she was, say, last week. Now she’s just cruising along everything, she’s gotten really fast at crawling and likes to “free stand” for short blips of time. Changing diapers has become a nightmare because she’s so wiggly and quite frankly, I don’t think she likes wearing pants. The waving and the clapping are simply adorable, and she turns on the charm whenever she wants to make a new friend.

Fun Food: Grilled cheese, frozen peas, pizza, cereal bars, frozen waffles, chicken stir fry, ice cream, cake, icing and whole bananas. Yes, she’ll just sit in her highchair and eat a WHOLE freakin’ banana.

In review, this post is pretty lame. I’m hopefully I’ll feel more inpsired after naptime, which is starting now. ‘Night night!

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  1. Congrats on a successful silent auction! Doesn’t my PC donation count for the adoption agency’s auction? Can’t you tell them about that?!!?!?
    By the way, my donation is at my house, next time I see you I’ll be sure to give it to you!

    I can’t wait to see the baby crawling everywhere! What a big girl!

  2. Yes! You’re right–and I did remember about your donation at the meeting, which made me feel much better!! AND on the way home from the meeting, I remembered a friend had given me some Mary Kay to donate as well–so technically I’ve scored 2 prizes.

    Things are looking brighter already 🙂

  3. No – 3 prizes (or 4 or 5, depending). I need to ask my bro-in-law to donate some artwork for the agency’s fudnraiser. (He does metal work) I’m thinking one of his crucifix or cross pieces, possibly also a wine bottle holder, maybe candle holder. I’ll try to remember to ask him this week (less 3 more weeks until he gets married, so I should catch him early!) I’ll let you know what he and I can come up with.

    For anyone interested, visit http://www.browncountyblacksmith.com

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