Clap Patty

The Babe has discovered clapping her hands, which, IMO, is one of her cutest discoveries yet! I know I say I’ll have to post pictures all the time, but now I really do. The look on her face is just priceless!!

Last night I had a dream that she could walk. That she just got up one day and walked. Now I know that surely one day she will, but was really freaky! Well, and it was freaky because she had thick blond hair in the dream, but it was definitely the Babe. Bizzaro.

So I should really post about Easter fun, and her new found love of cake and ice cream (we’re all about nutrition here), but I really must run. It seems like I’ve bitten off a bit more than I can chew in more than one arena in my life, so my thoughts aren’t really together for a real post.

Anyhoo, hopefully after the Relay For Life Silent Auction is over this weekend, I’ll have a little more internet time! I miss it!

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