I knew you’d make me feel better!

Thanks, ladies! I should just leave this all to you!! And, as it turns out, the addresses I passed on to the agency (from other silent auction sources) are yeilding good results, so I’m technically responsible for all those donations as well. I just hate to look like a slacker!!

I’m really not–yesterday during nap I spent TWO HOURS on the phone soliciting places, of course everyone wants a fax or an email or a mailing on the event, and half the people were out of the office…..hopefully one more phone-a-thon and my list will be done. It wasn’t even a long list–but just a tedious task. I’m hoping my efforts will pay off and next year will be simplier.

Does anyone know if babies can have allergies?? The babe awoke with watery eyes, incredibly clear and runny nose and the sneezies. I’ve read conflicting info–some say they can, some say they can’t…regardless, you have to wait a few seasons to see if they are really allergies. It’s very weird! Once again, a sign that’s she’s in the right place…..sadly, we (I mean my side of the family) has MUCH experience with such things!!

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  1. Since we don’t know what A’s family history of allergies is, we were especially worried about pet allergies (go figure), and our ped said that they wouldn’t probably show up until he was a year old or so. Although, 8+ months is getting awfully close to that mark! I would hate it if she has allergies already, but all these flowering shrubs are heck for a lot of people right now….

    They don’t make baby Benedryl, do they? Keep us posted!

  2. I had TERRIBLE allergies when i was a baby and every picture until i was 6 or 7 I had a really red nose. The doctor used to give me pure pennicillin – which didn’t help at all because it was not an infection. That was in the late 60s and no one thought children had allergies i guess. I have grown out of much of it but still have the drippy nose and itchy eyes.

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