And there was only wetness throughout the land….

For those of you you’ve lived through a baby with the stomach flu, you know this is a VERY good thing! The Babe is getting back to her usual perky self–although she’s eating smaller, more frequent meals and is silly-clingly right now–she’s better.

I did learn a lot throughout this ordeal, such as:

1. Orange pedialyte stays Orange, regardless of what it been through, or how it is expelled by the humam body.

2. Ants dig, um, “used”, pedialyte, regardless of how it was deposited on the carpet.

3. While it is bright, apparently the dye used isn’t horribly penetrating–Stain Stick and carpet cleaning takes care of most of those stains caused by expelled or spilled pedialyte.

4. Wishful thinking is a strong force–while out to dinner the Babe had a stain on the front of her pants. I said, “oh, she must have spilled her juice!”. Her godfather held her, Baby A’s dad held her, both laughing at the spilled juice. It wasn’t until Daddy held her that he noticed that perhaps it wasn’t juice at all.

5. Turns out, Margaritas play a strong roll in determining whether something is juice or not.

6. It was in fact not juice. Or maybe at one time it was juice, but it wasn’t at that point.

7. The exictement of going out in public can make you do stupid things, like not pack a complete diaper bag.

8. When a quasi-blow out happens and your mom has failed the diaper bag packing class, you get to do the WHITE TRASH BABY WALK OF SHAME through the crowded restuarant, clad only in your new diaper.

9. Much like the walk of shame that is endured on college campuses across the country every weekend morning, the Babe went home wearing a boy’s shirt…thanks Baby A!

10. Teething doesn’t stop for the stomach flu–the Babe now has two new top teeth!

One Reply to “And there was only wetness throughout the land….”

  1. Comment from Baby A’s mom —

    Miss M handled herself with aplomb! Never mind the fact that she was sitting in the poopies while all those silly men couldn’t diagnose the wet spot (and her daddy blamed Baby A’s daddy for the smell!). Never mind that she came strutting out of the bathroom in all her glorious nakedness (except for minimal diaper coverage). She was a star through it all! Quietly accepting of one of life’s more humorous moments and completely at the mercy of those crazy adults around her!

    PS – Baby A has been running around telling everyone this his “girlfriend” is wearing his clothes. And it was a nice swap for the Camilia she shared!

    VIVO CANCUN! Or something like that.

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