I Love Walgreens

Unfortunately, the Babe’s sleep marathon wasn’t a recovery from the weekend–it was the “coming down with something” sleep that happens when your body is invaded by a virus!

It’s very pathetic and sad, although I’ve learned a little from this experience. I’ve learned that Walgreen’s was most definitely designed by a parent of a sick child.

I was home with M all day yesterday, until it was time for Parent/Teacher conferences. On my way home from there, I needed to pick up a few things–milk, something for dinner, pedialyte, and diapers. I live in Suburbia with a capital S, so I could have gone to any number of big box stores, but the thought of getting there, finding parking, trekking to the back of the store for milk..it was all too much.

So I went to my neighborhood Walgreens and got everything I needed, and was home in the time it would have taken me to schlep through the parking lot and located the milk at a bigger store. I LOVE that.

As for the Babe, she’s perkier than yesterday, but still perking up and out of her diapers. The fever is gone for the moment. I’ve gotten lots of cuddle time, but it’s because she’s too wiped out to play. She’s sleeping a lot, and has done well at night, but it’s still SOO sad!

I just talked to the doc again–we are on High Alert for dehydration, but so far, so good–she’s still truely drooly!

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  1. Oh my, it’s what i fear the most – baby being sick. It must be hard to watch them suffer and you can’t explain to them it’s okay….

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