10080 minutes in review and why I don’t have to pray to St. Anthony any more

10080 Minutes In Review

So last Sunday the Babe had 2 teeth, could sit up on her own and get into the crawling position, but couldn’t really go anywhere. Mostly, she did yoga.

10080 minutes later (today, or, this Sunday)

The Babe now has 4 teeth–two up top and two below. She can CRAWL, crawl anywhere her little heart desires. She can also pull up on ANYTHING–my leg, a chair, the sofa, her little piano, anything she can bear weight on.

She is also learning to CLIMB THE STAIRS. Yes, honest to goodness, she got up 3 stairs all on her own. And surprisingly, didn’t fall back and crack open her head (thank goodness). Oh, and she has figured out her straw cup. What a week.

Now on to St. Anthony

St.Anthony is the person they teach you to pray to when you need to find something. I believe he’s helped me find many a contact lens, sets of keys and remote controls. Now that the Babe can crawl though, I don’t think I’ll be needing him. See, she goes for all things metal, black plastic and otherwise non-baby proofed. Put her down in the middle of the room, she’ll find the outlet w/o the cover, the remote control, my sunglasses, pens, anything at all. So now the only time I figure I’ll need St. Anthony is when I’m actually looking for THE BABE.

2 Replies to “10080 minutes in review and why I don’t have to pray to St. Anthony any more”

  1. I hope everyone realizes that they are viewing pictures and events of SUPERBABY! Baby M continually amazes and inspires her devoted friend, baby A! A is two months behind in age, but light years in achievements (although catching up quickly.) We appreciate Baby M’s serious endeavors to show him the way and educate him about teeth, getting busy, and humor. (We do wish he would pay more attention to M’s Guide to Better Sleep Habits!)

    Anyway, he wanted to cheer on Baby M! You GO GIRL! You’re doing a great job learning all these new things and kudos to you for hitting that nice phase where you can run your mama ragged and really start to wreak havoc!

  2. Hi, Your baby is just so adorable! Those crawling, rolling-under-furniture- and eating all your dust bunnies stages are so short. I found your blog via adoptionbloggers (I think that’s what it is) and am enjoying it. She’s a cutie!

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