Nap Time…ahhh

If I were smart, I’d nap when the Babe naps. But I’ve tried that, and it never works. Either she’s up right away, or I’m too restless to nap, thinking of the 1000 other things I could be doing. Today it’s been a rather long nap–I’ve gotten quite a bit done, including:

1)the dishes
2)hosed down the high-chair–SO gross!
3)2 loads of laundry
4)a few things for Relay for Life
5)called a friend
6)got something in the mail I’ve been meaning to send for awhile
7) read all the blogs I feel I need to read each day!
8)checked email
9)responded to email, including one from J. She’s having a bad week–Z’s come down with pnuemonia, which stinks. And of course it’s trickier for her, because she has to miss work and pay for the doctor and so forth. She’s got sick time to use, but she misses the overtime she counts on, she’s got insurance but we all know how drs and xrays can add up. And she’s concerned, because he had pnuemonia 2 years ago that got really bad. And he’s such a cute little guy–it makes me sad to think that he is sick.

So obviously, the Babe is having a darn fine nap. Now I’m feeling sleepy myself, but I know as soon as I lay down, she’ll get up. So I think it’s off to read until she gets up. I’m reading a book by Donnie Brasco. Donnie Brasco the real guy, not Johnny Depp. It’s like a behind the scenes to the Sopranos.

I’m sure I’ll get through about 2 pages before she’ll declare nap time over. In a way, I’m kind of answering to a Mafia boss myself. Granted she little, but she does have me at her beck and call 24/7. She gets me out of bed whenever SHE needs something. Hmm….an analogy I’d not thought of before.

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