the Babe is mobile

Ok, so she’s been rolling around, sitting up and doing her “exercises” and what not for awhile. But now, I am confident when I say the Babe can CRAWL. Yes, crawl forward. It’s still a little wobbly and peppered with a few froggy jumps (when she lifts her knees off the floor and pushes herself forward), but it’s a forward motion with her tummy off the floor and arms moving forward.

We’ve had outlet plugs in for awhile, and child-locks on the posion cabinet under the sink…but we are now entering a whole new phase of child-proofing. Yikes!

One good thing is that she is seriously wearing herself out–last night she went down at 5pm and slept in basically the same position until 7am. I was sure she’d wake up for a snack (i would), but that wasn’t the case. Ok, when she did get up she ate about 1/2c. of oatmeal 1/2 of a banana and 8oz of formula, but wouldn’t you?

And now, three housrs later, she is blissfully asleep once again. Oh what a life.

2 Replies to “the Babe is mobile”

  1. This is my biggest fear—-for years we have had bottom cabinets filled with harmful chemicals – where will i put it all???????lol
    Wait till the Babe pulls out all your pots and pans and starts to beat them together – that’s FUN music!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe she is crawling!! A whole new dimension to parenting! The “no sitting” phase! I love it! Love your blog, Michelle!

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