Drool Proof, Smool Proof

Ha! The new space-age polymer bibs were no match for my drool machine! But that’s ok–they are a little thicker, so it takes a little longer, I guess. We are all about the Camilia drops right now, and that little gummer toothbrush–she actually uses it herslf. And a little Tylenol for good measure. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have another pair of teeth appearing in the near future.

Yesterday at church I was with the Babe, and I realized that in our little section, there were two other families who’ve adopted. Including the Babe, there were 6 children in our section alone who were adopted within the past 10 years.

After Mass, one of these moms came up to me to ask for help with an “Adoption Awareness” bulletin board for our local library this fall and to offer an apology. The bulletin board I knew about, but an apology?

Turns out she’d seen L at the library, and asked about the bulletin board there–and then, in hindsight, wondered if he was comfortable discussing the Babe’s adoption in front of others/strangers.

This led into an interesting discussion of how we will have to handle situations in the future. I think I’ve posted about this before–right now it’s all “Yippe!! We adopted! Let’s tell the world!”, but in a few years, when the Babe is more aware, it won’t really be our story to tell.

She empathized–her boys are from China, so it’s pretty obvious they are adopted. And right now, she’s all about explaining the “waiting children” (preschoolers and older) in China–the girls and the boys with minor (and sometimes not so minor)physical challenges who are literally in orphanages waiting to be adopted. She likes to explain the medical treatments her boys have had for the purposes of education–she wants to build awareness, and so forth. But she also knows that as the boys get older, it will not be her story tell–it will be theirs.

So I told her that no, L wasn’t offended or uncomfortable–that we do like to talk about and educate the world about adoption any chance we get. But that as the Babe gets older, we may want to that more privately, and that she’ll be learning how to tell her story or how to politely decline the opportunity.

And I’m glad that in our little community, she’ll have plenty of peers in similiar situations to work through what she’ll need to work through!

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  1. I have been watching your blog for a while (always interested in the stories—-you are ahead of us in this process and i want to know what kinds of things to expect). ANyway, i still can’t figure out waht DINK and SAHM are – please post it…..lol….thanks

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