Hard Meltables

That’s what they call things like teething biscuits and what not–the food that’s hard enough baby can’t gnaw off a chunk (theoretically), but will dissolve with enough saliva.

So this weekend I bought some graham crackers–what a hit! It was hilarious. If I were up for mother of the year, I’d probably post some pics of this rite of passage. Who knows, we may get some photos up here yet.

Had a lovely visit with Grandma and Grandpa (my folks) this weekend–they are SUCH fans–of course she’s advanced, beautiful and perfect–just ask them! They came bearing some “dribble proof” bibs–cloth, but with some sort of new-aged polymer backing so that they don’t soak through so quickly. We’ll be field testing them this week. With 2 teeth in and more on the way, life’s a little soggy right now.

But in a good way.

It’s a year ago this week that we attended our first orientation/interviews with our agency. How’s that song from Rent go? “525,600 minutes..how do you measure a year?” I don’t even know where to begin!!!

2 Replies to “Hard Meltables”

  1. I just read all the way back to when you were picked and the meetin gwiththe BPs and all….I’m so excited to read about your experience – I hope it works so well for us….it’s been a long 12 years of trying – at least i know there will be a positive outcome for us at the end of the line. Your arrangement happened so fast! I pray that ours is too!!!!
    PS – I also took a look at the baby’s pictures on the website—-one word…..adorable!!!

  2. My boy (9 mos) loves those teething biscuits. In fact I just posted a pic of him on my blog with biscuit all over himself. 😉

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