to Clarify…..

DINK= Double Income, No Kids. Very popular term in the 80’s….as in , “The DINKS next door just got a new BMW” or picture the couple who lives next door to the Griswalds in Christmas Vacation. Ok, we weren’t THAT Glam–but we used to travel around a bit and belong to a gym. And go to Starbucks.

SAHM= Stay At Home Mom. I think this is more of an internet thing, since you can’t really pronounce it phonetically.

While I’m at it–definitely adoption specific terms, what’s used on

PBM: potential birth mom
BM: Birth Mother
AMOM: Adoptive Mom

and probably the newest and FAVORITE added to my collection lately: WTF. This I say outloud now, figuring it’s better than having the Babe hear the real word. Anyway, it’s What The F%#K?????

I say WTF alot.

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  1. thank you for the clarification on the SAHM and DINK —duh, i feel dumb but i just didn’t know…lol

    We have a small very personal agency and i’m so happy they do tell us all that – i could not be in the dark….i would go nuts. At least i know they are looking – i think i would faint if i got a call out of the blue….

  2. I never thought of that! Yikes! That’s horrible. Perhaps we should type bmom when need be. Come to think of it, that’s generally what people do. Maybe I just got a little too crazy with the abbreviations and dropped a few too many letters.

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