Whether to Cancel or Not…because of the Weather

So today is our visit w/ baby Kahuna’s birth family. I’ve wrapped the gifts (photos), packed the cookies, written out the cards. We’re ready….but are the roads?

We got 6 inches of snow last night. Doesn’t really phase this house–we’re from the North. Unfortunately, it does phase the road crews here. It’s 9:30am and they are still broadcasting about it on television. a windchill of -5..oh my! So what do we do?

B-grandma emailed us last night urging us to cancel if the weather is bad–it’s, in her words, “Not worth putting anyone’s life at risk” ?!?!? So last night I emailed her and the b-parents that we’d wait and see what the weather was like–worse case we’d reschedule, but hopefully by 3pm this afternoon we’d be OK.

So this morning I get an email for b-grandma, saying she mentioned something about canceling due to weather to b-dad (her son), who mentioned it to b-mom, who is mad about the possiblity of canceling. So b-grandma tells me that I shouldn’t act like it was her idea if we cancel today.

OH MY, OH MY!! It’s the weather, people!! It’s not a plot against humanity. We have presents for you people. L is leaving work early. We got all of our Christmas pics done early because of all of you. Don’t be pissed at us because the weather is crappy!!

Will there always be this much drama?!? Usually I take it all in stride, but this morning’s email just…oh, I don’t know…rubbed me the wrong way? Irked me to no end b/c I wouldn’t have blamed her anyway? Just aptly demonstrated how they all operate with each other and highlighted the dysfuntion?

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