Mommy’s First Christmas

Over the weekend we put up the tree. The babe watched intently as we put the branches on (not the most natural, I’ll admit, but stay with me) hung the star and strung up the lights.

The first two ornaments to go on were hers–keepsake gifts sent by loving friends. I hung the beautiful Lenox giraffe inscribed with her name first, then the crystal booties w/ the pink bow. And I stood back, and realized that was all our tree needed.

Now, of course, we continued to put up the rest of the ornaments– from vacations and assorted other places. Most of them have a story to tell. But each time I look at the tree, I see the giraffe and the booties first.

And the music…..I’ve heard all the carols 1000 times, but heard “What Child is This?” for the first time with our babe in my arms…they always say Christmas is for children, but as far as I can tell, it’s for moms too.

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