Got the Clarification Needed….

Found out that the birthmom considering us hasn’t decided yet (she must really be deliberating!) and also found out the our profile is still being viewed by others, which is good. They don’t take you out of circulation until you are picked and you agree to it. So that’s good to know!

Also found out that they call quarterly to , quote the phone message I recieved, ” see if you are still interested in adoption”….HELLO!?! We’ve paid you some cash, have had our home inspected, labored over a scrapbook, and have been told that someone’s been seriously considering us–why wouldn’t we be interested in adoption?!?!

Turns out that was just a poorly phrased message by an intern–really, they were calling to make sure that our contact info was the same, that we were still interested in a “soon as possible placement”, etc. Turns out some people don’t call when they move/change #’s, magically get pregnant or happen by a child in some other way. Go figure.

So long story short: it is all status quo .

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  1. Phew! I’m so glad to hear that you are still being viewed by others while you wait. I think it’s cruel that they even tell you you are “in the running”. Why can’t they just suprise you and say “YAY!”?

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