In reading Rachael’s comment, maybe we aren’t out of circulation. We just sort of assumed that we were…she’s got our little book. But our profile IS probably still in the big book (that’s where they narrow it down)…who knows!! After reading all of the paper work the BM fills out, and all of the releases she signs, I honestly am at peace with her taking as long as she needs (most days)–it is SO HUGE!! Personally, I can’t even read through that paper work w/o get the willies. So it goes……

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  1. It’s so great that you’re being so respectful of the BM. Some of our clients are so impatient it would make you angry.

    And as a sidenote, I’m surprised you only make one book. Well, I guess a book is harder to make 15 copies of than a letter. Anywho, best of luck!

  2. I would call and ask if you are still in the running for general viewing even if a BM is considering you. It wouldn’t be fair to take you out of the running for so long only to not get picked and go back to square one, minus four or five months! :/

  3. Ang – I’m guessing that the reason they take them out of the running (if they have ) is to that the BM doesn’t have to worry about the family she eventually selects getting picked by someone else. It’s happened at our office before, and it’s hard to tell a BM that she can’t have the family that she chose.

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