I’m on vacation in Florida, and I am finally internet connected to share……

We’ve Been Picked!!! A different person than the one who had narrowed us down—this woman has PICKED us!! We are supposed to meet when I get back this coming week.

She’s due August 8th!! So, things will move quickly, I guess! No time to hem and haw about it–ta da and we will be parents!!

We are geeked but yet somehow subdued, partially in shock, and partially afraid that it won’t go through….but cautiously optomistic!!

I shall keep you all posted….but if one day this blog isn’t here and there’s a link to a baby website, don’t be too surprised!!

3 Replies to “NEWS!”

  1. YAY! YAY! YAY! I have tons of adoptiony questions to ask you, but no one else who reads this would find them interesting. They’re all about things like Medicaid and post-placement.

    I will say lots of prayers and cross my fingers that this doesn’t fall through!!

  2. YAY! I could NOT be happier for you, girlfriend! My prayers are with you that this goes off without a hitch. LOVE YOU!

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